Answer: You may view our closed signals history in app. We do offer free signals try it for free!

Answer: Download the app, register as a user, enable app notifications on your device and receive notifications directly to your smart phone.

Answer: We do have experts analyzing technical charts and fundamental news, as well as our own strategies and indicators. We combine all of this information and provide a signal.

Answer: We do believe that money management is an important key to success in trading. Therefore, we created an In App Calculator using our own formula to help you choose your Lot and position size. Type in your trading account balance and instantly get our recommended (Standard Lot) based on your account size.

Answer: We mainly work on the 30mins, 1&4hours time frames. But if the opportunity knocks the door we do use lower time frames for quick scalping opportunities.

Answer: We trust our Take Profit level, but the decision is totally up to you. For best results let the trade run to the Take Profit levels. We also recommend moving the Stop loss to Entry Point when your signal is running in profits.

Answer: We provide signals around all major and minor currency pairs.

Answer: Yes, we do provide Gold and Oil Signals, but due to current market volatility we are very cautious with every signal. Gold and Oil depend mainly on news.

Answer: We have Experts providing signals in all market sessions, Asian session, London session, New York session. Usually the fun begins in late London, early New York session!

Answer: Due to different rates across all brokers vary, it is possible that the exact Entry level we provide may not hit with you. We do recommend you to sign up with our recommended broker using this link (LINK) to guarantee similar price levels or you can definitely open the trade when it’s 1 Pip away from the Entry level.

Answer: Our average daily signal is 4-5 Signals, sometimes it’s less sometimes its way more! It totally depends on the opportunities we have while implementing our strategy.